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Role Reversal

March 6, 2017

I often walked along the famous road leading to the Monkey Forest. The forest is a lush oasis where monkeys lived without cages and tourists visited in droves. Visitors came to observe them, photograph them and to feed them.

But one day I saw monkeys adventure out of the forest in droves, flocking in front of stores, on roof tops and walking like tight rope walkers overhead. They outnumbered people.

Stopping to take a photo of an adult monkey resting outside a store, I realized that he was...

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Travel Dream

March 21, 2017

I’ve thinking about playing my ukulele at the local beach. What’s stopped me is that I’m a closet Musician who prefers to play music in groups. I decided to experiment with creating a ukulele community from scratch.

Branded the “Ukulele Adventure” I ran a group lesson. It created a buzz, especially around, how many people were interested. With no experience needed, week one was daunting to some, but in the second week we began to gel. After week 3 we shared the know-how to play 6 nice songs...

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Triple The Trip!

March 23, 2017

I love fashion, but rarely attend fashion shows. This day was different because it was for a cause. I decided not to list the excuses for passing it by and instead focused on reasons to go. It was a sunny day, my route took me though a coastal town I had not visited before and I could meet a lot of new people. This could be funI 

I found myself sitting at a table with smiling faces and bubbling personalities. I enjoyed seeing persons from the charity be celebrity models for the day. I...

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